Define Business Objective

A Single-Source Provider

Business Ink powers strategic business communications through a unique approach to program management, which includes advanced technology, channel optimization, data management, predictive analytics and real-time reporting. We provide fully integrated, end-to-end solutions for secure data management, multichannel communications, offset and digital printing of material, storage, order fulfillment, distribution management, and direct mail.

We understand complex program design and management, and we have unmatched institutional experience to deliver exceptional results for our clients. We securely handle and manage all materials, orders and data, and have superior technical expertise with storage, order management, fulfillment, printing and multichannel distribution assets.

Customer Acquisition & Development

Business Ink increases the lifetime value of your customers. We facilitate customer engagement and drive revenue by delivering world-class strategy, technology and fulfillment. We turn data into business intelligence to help your team understand consumer behavior. Then we create compelling offers and calls-to-action that motivate consumers to act and keep them coming back to you.

End-To-End Program Management

Business Ink can manage the entire order and fulfillment supply chain, from material development and design to production, storage, ordering, picking, fulfillment, and distribution, to audit and compliance reporting. Our unique approach to program management allows us to employ formal security and cyber safeguard procedures that protect confidential data. We apply state-of-the-art technology and expertise that offer clients maximum control, flexibility and transparency while maintaining the absolute integrity of their information and materials.

A Consultative Partner

Business Ink serves as a consultant, a collaborative contributor, and a trusted expert for its clients. We add value and improve results to all of their deliverables—letters, forms, statements, digital media, marketing services and more.

Business Ink’s project and program expertise includes high quality and cost-effective solutions:

  • Redundant IT servers and FTP communications
  • Conventional 4-color printing operations
  • Full variable 4-color imaging operations
  • ePresentment communications
  • Email communications
  • Text communications
  • Tablet app communications
  • Intelligent inserting and mailing operations
  • Kitting and fulfillment operations
  • National distribution from coast to coast
  • Tracking and auditing from receipt of data to mailbox
  • Analytics and modeling program solutions

Regulatory Compliant Communications

Business Ink has extensive experience in data management, variable data printing, fulfillment, and mail house operations. In working with clients, we:

  • Focus on projects that meet stringent regulatory requirements, are built on confidential data, and involve time sensitive materials
  • Host quality management systems certified to meet ISO 9001:2008, HIPAA standards, Red Flag, SSAE 16, and PCI Standards
  • Offer cybersecurity based on advanced technology and security protocols

Business Ink is a one-source, business process-centric company that consistently meets and exceeds the needs of clients.