Understanding Accounts Receivables Management Needs

Business Ink offers a comprehensive suite of print and mail solutions for ARM firms that motivate your customers and stakeholders to action. We utilize USPS, digital, mobile, and email to maximize engagement and savings.

Business Ink recognizes the importance of delivering communications that meet the highest standards of accuracy, privacy, and confidentiality. We have a proven process and track record of serving organizations with regulatory or statutory obligations to their stakeholders.

Business Ink provides a broad array of solutions to ARM firms, including:

  • Statements and Billings
  • Critical Notices
  • Trans-Promotional Imaging
  • Secure Check Printing
  • Pressure Seal Forms
  • Data Breach Notifications

Cash Flow Runs Business

Business Ink works with collections and accounts receivables firms to produce and distribute communications using the lowest cost channel. We improve quality of the communication output and recipient experience. Our technology platform reduces the risk of business interruption with our world-class program management. Business Ink is a single-source provider with national print and distribution capabilities. We offer clients:

  • Enterprise communications solutions
  • Data management and workflow processing
  • Tracking from receipt of data to mailbox
  • Conventional 4-color printing
  • Full color variable imaging
  • ePresentation
  • Email
  • Tablet app communications
  • Kitting and fulfillment
  • Intelligent mailing and selective insertion of buck slips and notices
  • National distribution from coast to coast

Customized Processes

Business Ink has a well-established process for controlling the formatting, management, and presentation of data to your customers.

We verify the accuracy of addresses and mailing lists through USPS-certified software as data moves throughout our manufacturing processes. These processes ensure the correct spelling of names, addresses, and other vital postal delivery information.