In addition to Federal and state governments, counties, cities, schools, libraries, and colleges are among the local government agencies that rely on Business Ink.

We provide many of the specialized documents and records management tools to manage critical day-to-day operations and services.

Essential Communications and Documents

Business Ink produces critical documents for governments that help them serve their communities and operate more efficiently. Our work includes:

  • Election ballots
  • Election-day supply kits
  • Property tax statements
  • Historical document re-creation, preservation and indexing
  • Specialized, high-security paper stock for vital events records
  • Travel and tourism marketing

Preserving History and Efficient Archiving

We ensure that government managers have accurate record-keeping. For example, when one county needed to restore and preserve record books from decades-old files, officials contacted Business Ink to handle the process. We scanned, digitized, indexed, and compressed the records into a smaller, more efficient format to increase search functions, storage capacity, and save space. When we returned the books safely to county officials, there was no question that the records were preserved for the future. We created an electronic backup of the valuable data as a protective measure.

Business Ink works with local government jurisdictions to meet their most essential data and records needs.