Power the Growth of Retailers

Business Ink helps retail clients achieve their most important objective: Increasing the lifetime value of customers. Using data analytics, predictive modeling, and precision targeting, we work with a diverse range of retailers to build marketing and communications programs that acquire, convert, develop, and retain customers.

Whether it’s a product launch, an initiative to deepen relationships, or a customer retention campaign, Business Ink increases engagement and revenue by delivering world-class strategy, technology and fulfillment.

Maximizing the Value of Data

Because data is critical for retailers, Business Ink helps transform data into Business Intelligence so you can understand consumer behavior. Then we create compelling offers and calls-to-action that motivate consumers to act and keep them coming back.

  • Identify the most profitable and least profitable customers
  • Raise the response rates of hard-to-reach consumer populations
  • Acquire new customers
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs and increase customer loyalty by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing communications efforts
  • Upsell products or solutions with more features
  • Cross-sell products and offer new products to existing customers
  • Increase the purchase frequency of customers

State-of-the Art Production

Through disciplined program management and state-of-the-art print and digital capabilities, we produce marketing materials of exceptional quality that differentiate you in the marketplace. Our nationwide fulfillment and distribution facilities deliver your brand across multiple channels in the most cost effective way possible. 

For retailers, Business Ink is the single partner you need to achieve your marketing and communications goals.