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Products And Services That Drive Your Business

Business Ink offers a comprehensive suite of products and services to support the strategic business communications needs of public and private organizations.

Each of our products integrates with our technology platform to streamline workflow from end-to-end -- from program development and management to production and distribution.  We continually upgrade our products and services and offer new solutions to enable clients to achieve their business goals and operate more cost effectively.

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  • Strategic Program Management - Our unique approach to program management delivers results
  • Customer Acquisition & Development Solutions - Solutions to grow your business and increase the lifetime value of customers
  • Print & Mail Solutions - Comprehensive print and mail solutions that use the most cost-effective channel
  • BI Mail Manager™ - A fully-interactive, browser-based portal that enables clients to control and monitor their production jobs from start to finish
  • BI Present™ - An electronic document presentment platform that enables you to provide your customers with online delivery of communications
  • BI Track™ - A comprehensive document logistics solution that provides unprecedented transparency through the entire cash cycle
  • BI DocView™ - A digital solution that provides exact images of mission-critical documents produced for your customers
  • BI eStatement™ - A digital solution that provides your customers with the capability to send emails with PDF attachments of customer communications
  • BI Pay™ - An online payment solution that can be used as a stand-alone pay portal for your customers
  • BI Mobile™ - An electronic document present platform for smartphones and tablets with 24/7 capability to monitor presentment 
  • Secure Payroll Solutions - A family of secure payroll solutions to streamline the payroll process and ensure that recipients understand the information provided
  • BI Merchant Pay™ - A turnkey product that delivers over-the-counter, online and over-the-phone electronic payment processing
  • Multichannel Billing Solutions - Strategic communications for all billing services