Initiate Precision Manufacturing

Built To Your Specifications

Business Ink’s construction processes bring together individual components into a cohesive deliverable.

That finished product may be the forms and information that must accompany an enrollment or membership packet, the critical components of public health educational kits, or the gifts to clients as part of a loyalty program.

We not only ensure that the right elements of a particular kit or packet are in place, but also that they are assembled according to your specifications. We make certain that you are on message, all the time – from the first piece of client-facing communication to the last.

Whatever the job, we can meet your needs – from a one-sheet flyer to multiple-item kits that are specific to a particular recipient. We give you the format you need, with the data you want, on the schedule you require and packaged to your specifications.

To-The-Item Accuracy

We specialize in to-the-item accuracy that meets compliance standards and stringent regulations. There is never cause for worry that personalized, sensitive information will go to the wrong person.

Our deliberate actions that support this intense level of quality include:

  • Precisely defined, automated processes
  • Specialized process control software
  • Strategic use of bar codes and scanners
  • Individual accountability where employees are part of the process
  • Report generation driven by detailed and integrated databases

We deliver strategic business communications that meet your needs and the needs of your clients.