Engage Target Audience

Select the Format and Media For The Job

We transform your data into communications that informs, educates, and motivates stakeholders to action.

We aggregate, prepare and manage your data from start to finish – from data to deliverable.

We collaborate with clients to choose the most effective format and media to engage their audiences. These formats include printed mail pieces, packaged orders, online content, or electronic media. We offer a range of options to efficiently manage your data to become targeted communication, such as:

  • Statements and forms that meet HIPAA requirements, patient or client confidentiality parameters, and strict mailing standards
  • Customized-content letters and information packets
  • Training and educational materials delivered on CDs or DVDs
  • Fulfillment of ongoing, seasonal, or ad hoc orders
  • Reminders of healthcare enrollment or insurance deadlines
  • Financial services and utility statements with personalized information to market products or services

From Data to Deliverable

We leverage our expertise to help clients improve results, increase customer satisfaction and ultimately generate additional revenue.  We work with clients to do the following:

  • Produce and mail a CD or DVD, give us the data, the artwork, and the specifications – and we will do the rest.
  • Take your data, transform it into the medium of your choice, fulfill the order, and distribute all according to your unique requirements.
  • Generate your content in electronic format and distribute to your requirements.

Every high-value, content-rich deliverable we produce and distribute for our clients is a targeted, action-oriented communication that accurately reflects and promotes your business goals.