World-Class Strategic Business Communications

Business Ink is a world-class provider of strategic business communication services that helps public and private sector organizations run their business and grow their business.

Business Ink creates and manages customized solutions using a data-driven technology-platform that generates the right solution for the right audience. Every day, clients trust us to distribute critical, time-sensitive business communications at the right moment, whether the call-to-action or information is sent through postal mail, email, online postings, or digital media. More than 500 organizations across the U.S. depend on Business Ink for their strategic business communications.

The Problem We Solve

Americans today are deluged with written and digital communications. Each day, a household receives hundreds of messages, but relatively few resonate. The challenge is to construct multi-channel communications programs that break through the marketplace clutter and induces the desired consumer behavior. 

Business Ink helps business and government entities achieve this goal by producing and distributing breakthrough communications that clearly articulate the message and express it with powerful visual appeal. Business Ink’s communications make it easier for your customers to understand the communication and take the intended action.


Run Your Business With Us

We deliver a wide range of cost-effective, high quality solutions.

  • Redundant IT servers and FTP communications with formal Cyber-Security protocals to guard all data and processes
  • Variable digital full-color imaging operations to personalize and customize communications
  • Conventional offset 4-color printing operations
  • ePresentment communications to accelerate payments
  • Email communications and tracking
  • Text communications and confirmation
  • Intelligent inserting and mailing operations
  • Automated kitting and fulfillment operations
  • National distribution from coast to coast to speed delivery and ensure no disruption in business
  • Tracking and auditing from receipt of data to mailbox

Grow Your Business With Us

Our teams create the strategy to increase revenue and market share.

  • Acquire new customers
  • Upsell product or solution with more features
  • Cross-sell products—offer new products to existing customers
  • Increase the purchase frequency of your customers
  • Build customer loyalty and renewals
  • Accelerate customer response via digital and mobile channels
  • Identify the most profitable and least profitable customers
  • Raise the response rates of hard-to-reach consumer populations
  • Use effective analytic and sophisticated models to accelerate marketing growth
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing communications efforts 

​Our experience and long-standing reputation in this industry assure you that we will readily assemble the right resources to manage, package, and distribute your high-profile data and content.