A Legacy of Success

Our business model is designed to help you achieve two key objectives:  1) Run your business in a highly effective and cost-efficient manner, and 2) Grow your business, so you can increase the lifetime value of your customers.

To achieve these dual objectives, we have developed a sophisticated, integrated process for data-intensive content and materials distribution. We work closely with our clients to develop processes to meet their specific business goals. Our data-centric, technology-driven, media-agnostic model grew out of a commitment to provide the best possible solutions for our clients.

Business Ink was founded in 1986 in Austin as a privately-held company and incorporated in Texas. The Company initially focused on form design, print management, and distribution services. Over time, as our customers have grown, we too, have grown. We incorporated as Business Ink, Co. in 1996 to reflect the diverse range of services and capabilities we had added over the years, including mailing and fulfillment operations, and warehousing services that support the production and distribution of customer deliverables.

Growth, Expanded Services

The changing and expanding needs of our clients have driven both our organic growth and business acquisitions. In 2010 Business Ink acquired the local government division of an Austin-based company, increasing our expertise in the public sector, and document and records services.  In addition, the Fort Worth, Texas, and Charlotte, North Carolina operations offer a large direct marketing organization, furthering our market diversification and geographic reach.

In 2014, we acquired Cash Cycle Solutions (CCS), which provides a wide range of transactional and strategic business communication solutions distributed through multiple channels. Together with the services offered by Business Ink, we have significantly expanded our digital solutions.

More Services, More Client Benefits

Our expanded value proposition delivers even more benefits and value to our clients and their customers.

Our facilities, equipment, personnel, and systems have given us more opportunity to help you meet your business objective. What does not change is our dedication to serving our clients.

Today, our geographic reach and strategic strength make us well-positioned to expand services to our existing customer base, to reach out to new clients and business segments, and to effectively support a national distribution model.