Business Ink enables public and private sector organizations to achieve two strategic objectives.

Precision Communications & Information Management Services

  • Reduce business operations risk
  • Increase the quality and effectiveness of communications
  • Identify hard-to-reach consumer populations
  • Increase response rates
  • Understand how communications are being received
  • Improve speed-to-market
  • True distributive print for regional, national and global entities
  • Utilize most effective solution

Define Business Objective

Develop Program Management Plan

Initiate Precision Manufacturing

Monitor Delivery Rate

Measure & Report Results


Customer Acquisition & Development

  • Acquire new customers
  • Upsell product or solution with more features
  • Cross-sell products—offer new products to existing customers
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing communications efforts
  • Accelerate customer response via mail, digital and mobile channels
  • Identify the most profitable and least profitable customers
  • Increase the purchase frequency of your customers
  • Build loyalty, renewals and lifetime value of customers

Define Business Objective

Identify Target Audience

Develop Campaign Strategy

Engage Target Audience

Measure & Report Results