Leaves Grow Your Business

Driven by a unique approach to program management, Business Ink uses data analytics, predictive modeling, and exact targeting to build marketing and communications programs that acquire, convert, develop, and retain customers.

Turn Data Into Opportunity

Whether it’s a product launch, an initiative to deepen relationships, or a customer retention campaign, Business Ink increases engagement and revenue by delivering world-class strategy, technology, and fulfillment. Powered by our program management capabilities, Business Ink turns data into business intelligence to help your team understand consumer behavior. Then we create compelling offers and calls-to-action that motivate consumers to act, and keeps them coming back to you. That’s Business Intellegence.

Define Business Objective

What is the business goal?

Acquire, convert, develop, retain customers

Identify Target Audience

Use data to identify consumer characteristics and behaviors

Model and target customers to engage

Develop Campaign Strategy

Identify micro-campaign measurement for segment, channel and location

Create offers that move customers to action

Develop creative and refine message

Engage Target Audience

Distribute call-to-action across all channels

Direct mail, online, brick and mortar locations

Mid-campaign review to adjust call-to-action

Measure & Report Results

Analyze customer response

Identify most effective calls-to-action factors

Apply behavioral insights to next campaign

A Trusted Partner

Business Ink is the single partner you need to achieve all of your strategic communications. 

  • Multichannel message strategy and execution
  • Experienced program management approach
  • State-of-the-art print and digital capabilities
  • Expertise in data analytics and modeling
  • Direct mail, digital, and mobile channel management
  • Exceptional quality that differentiates you in the marketplace
  • Nationwide fulfillment and distribution platform

Strategic Benefits

  • Acquire new customers
  • Upsell product or solution with more features
  • Cross-sell products—offer new products to existing customers
  • Increase the purchase frequency of your customers
  • Build customer loyalty and renewals
  • Accelerate customer response via digital and mobile channels
  • Identify the most profitable and least profitable customers
  • Raise the response rates of hard-to-reach consumer populations
  • Reduce customer acquisition costs by increasing the effectiveness of your marketing communications efforts